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Sapphire Blue~

Let's fill this world with Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons~

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What the Heart Wants
Sungmin's eyeliner!
Title: What the Heart Wants
Characters/Pairings: KyuMin, KyuTeuk
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble
Warning: Character Death
Summary: Kyuhyun's boyfriend doesn't have to know...

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“We shouldn't be doing this...”

“Yeah...I know.”


I hugged him close to my chest as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of my neck. I breathed in his scent, it was intoxicating. I was a lucky person to have such a boyfriend to love. Yet here I am, cuddling with him but thinking about someone else. I couldn't help it.

My mind ran with images of the other man, his smile, his bright sparkling eyes, his smile. I am going crazy and I don't know what to do. The moment our eyes meet, I knew there was something there. He knew it too, we both knew. We both were with someone though.

“Kyuhyun, I love you.” My boyfriend cooed to me, reminding me where I was and who I was with. “I-I love you too.” I told him back, even if I knew now that might be a lie. I did love him, but not as much as he thought I did.

“Will you love me forever?” He giggled as he played with my hand in his.

“Of course...” I tried my best to sound normal and not guilty, and I'm thankful he bought it.


“We can't keep doing this.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I broke up with my boyfriend for you, are you going to do the same?”



We would meet every night behind our boyfriends' backs. It was the moment I looked forward to everyday, to be able to hold him, kiss him. Each time he brought up if I had broken up with the other I would try to change the subject or give him a valid reason, but he grew impatient each passing day.

“Babe, give me some time.” I begged to him but he shook his head and didn't look at me. “You don't want to break up with him.” he shot at me. “You love us both don't you?”

“N-No! I only love you! Please! I'll break up with him tomorrow night! I promise baby.” I back hugged him and placed soft wet kisses up his neck to his jaw line. He moaned when I bit down on his shoulder lightly making a mark on his milky white skin. “I'm going to break up with him okay?” I smiled sadly to him, not sure if he completely forgave me. He stared back into my eyes and sighed, trying to figure out if he believed me or not. I nudged him and kisses his lips mumbling between kisses, “I love you. Only you.”



My breath hitched.

I just showed up to his house to break up with him but he was watching the news. “Kyuhyun! Look at the terrible car crash!” he was covering his mouth with his hands in disbelief. “Both cars flipped over, but only one person driving died...”

No. No. It couldn't be. His picture was on the top left corner of the screen.

“A car crash took place last night at around 1am. A drunk driver was speeding through the city and passed a red light when he crashed into another car, making it flip over multiple times. The driver of the flipped car passed away shortly after. The driver was identified as Park Jungsu, 30 years old-”

I didn't listen to the rest, I turned off the TV without warning and Sungmin ran up to me, hugging me tightly. “That's so scary Kyu~ You said you worked late last night, I'm glad it wasn't you and you're safe.”

“Y-Yeah...” I stood lifelessly letting the smaller man hug me. “S-Sungmin.”

“Yes Kyu?” Sungmin stared up to me with his eyes shining and pouting cutely.

“Lets break up.”

Home alone for a while, this was all I could come up with as I was listening to a song about wanting to cheat. Sorry for the angst and the character death TT_TT IDK what's wrong with me lately, I can't write fluff anymore. This is short and terrible too, IDK wae I'm posting this. -___-
Did I trick you with Kyuhyun's boyfriend? No? Okay...